”SANSHO”is Japanese original herb and spices. This has a features for refreshing citrus aroma, and stinginess and bite the tongue. Edible parts will change depend on seasons. We enjoy to have its petal and sprout in the spring, seeds in the summer and ripe fruit in the autumn.


We use it for kinds of Japanese food for example, glazed-grilled eel, food that has been dressed or seasoned with bean paste and food boiled in soy sauce. ”Sansho” is all-purpose spice we can enjoy it with all genres food. And also ”Sansho” makes the most of the original taste of ingredients and dishes. You can enjoy it not only sprinkle but you can make sauce for meat and fishes.

fx: Blend with cheese /butter, make spicy dressings with vinegar and olive oil.

Surrounded by high mountains right in the center of Japan, raised by pure cold air and water – this is our “Sansho” from Hida, named “Takahara-Sansho”. Grown in the area at 800m altitude, circled by rivers in 5km radius, it is born with strong fragrance only sansho from Hida can have.  If it is grown in other areas the same rich fragrance cannot be achieved. Therefore, it could be say that our products are unique. Through generations we have been choosing excellent trees and keep doing organic cultivation for protecting them carefully.  


We are the only one company that, do it consistently from production to manufacturing and sales. We continue the ancient production method for seek to produce the highest quality product. Pick by hands every summer, and dry it first in the shade and then in the sun.  Grind it into fine pieces in an old way with the millstone and a special mallet.

We will deliver freshly ground “Sansho” to you.


If this is your first time to try “Sansho”, we recommend “Sansho powder” and “Sansho-Shichimi”. Those items can be use for all dishes.

If you already know what is “Sansho” is like and would like to become more and more delightful about ”Sansho”, welcome to the depth! Now we will introduce you “Sansho grain” for enjoy its fragrance and stinginess. Green one, the seeds was pick in the summer  sorted by color and by shape and packed. Red one, we have to wait picking until seeds ripe in Autumn. This is limited item in Japan. 


Seasoning series was born by collaborations with Japanese manufacturing company in Japan. You can enjoy unique spicy miso or soy sauce. Daily use items are easy to try, we can replace it for an everyday meal and feel differences.


Enjoy our “Sansho” in your dining table! we welcome to ask question  for “how to eat and enjoy SANSHO”. Feel free to send a messages for us!

Not all products are available for shipping internationally.